Truffle Museum

The scene for this unique experience is found in the underground vaults of the fourteenth-century castle of San Giovanni.

The journey starts with a sounding of European culture; in fact the "mystery of the truffle" is filled with witchcraft, science and eroticism. From the legend that the truffle had its origins in a bolt of lightning to the proper scientific definition, the visitor is presented with the historical moments in which this valuable tuber became popular and famous in western societies.

Then follows the first of the enthralling sensorial experiences as the visitor is invited to investigate the sense of touch by feeling inside a jar, the sense of sound by distinguishing the movements of a dog tracking or a trowel digging up the earth, then the sense of taste with small samples to try, and finally the so-called 'odorama' dedicated to the sense of smell.

A large reconstruction of the truffle itself serves as a feast for the eyes, accompanied by multimedia material providing information on the natural habitat etc. Similar technology is exploited for the final part that consists of investigating techniques of collecting, conservation and ways of cooking in the kitchen. Documentation of what has been learned during the visit can be collected via interactive methods in the didactic laboratories available.