Soča river

is a 138-kilometre long river that flows through western Slovenia and northeastern Italy.

It's typical green-blue color does not fade away completely even in Friuli, as if it would tell us that its heart belongs to the mountains and that is where it reveals itself in all its beauty, childhood liveliness and original purity. 

Already its birth is turbulent and picturesque; 

it springs crystal clear from a dark karst crevice below Velika Dnina and after a short time it descends in a 15 m high waterfall (the source is accessible to visitors along a secured path from the lodge Koča pri Izviru Soče), which breaks at the steep foot and then continues unbridled along its steep way to the valley. 

On its journey towards the south over the millennia, the Soča has broken through the rocky obstacles that were in its way and in some areas created deep gorges that are so narrow in some places that it is impossible to jump across them.