Rio Pusteria Church

The Chiusa di Rio Pusteria represents the western gate to the Val Pusteria and used to be a toll station.

The Chiusa di Rio Pusteria is located at the west end of the Val Pusteria, between the villages of Rio Pusteria and Vandoies. Exactly in this place, the borderline between the countship Goerz and Tyrol ran in 1271. For this reason Meinhard II had a dam built, that is to say the castle-like Chiusa di Rio Pusteria. 

Actually the original building was located 600 m in the west of the present-day location and consisted of a long-drawn-out barrage as well as two turrets. The ancient Chiusa di Rio Pusteria was built according to the model of Mediaeval dam. The construction material consisted of natural and homogeneously-sized river stones, which were hardly modified. The last documents regarding this building are dated 1340. 

The newly-built construction, that is by the way preserved still today, bears the hallmarks of Sigmund dem Münzreichen (rich in coin). The fortress is decorated by round turrets, while a dam stretches up the forested slope. In fact, the Chiusa di Rio Pusteria not only used to be a toll station, but was also residential building and dam. 

The Chiusa di Rio Pusteria can be visited in a guided tour in summer months, often it is also venue for theatre performances or other events. The fortress is directly located along the main road, the cycling track of the Val Pusteria runs past this impressive place of interest. At night-time it is by the way illuminated.