Radovna Valley

is an alpine valley in the Julian Alps in northwestern Slovenia, traditionally part of the Upper Carniola.

The Radovna Valley is surrounded by the northern extensions of the Pokljuka Plateau, the foothills of the Triglav range, and the highest peak of the Mežakla Plateau, Jerebikovec (1,593 m or 5,226 ft). It is connected by a road via the Kosmač Pass to the north with nearby Mojstrana and a road leads down the valley towards Bled.The Radovna River, created by smaller tributaries from the glacial valleys of the Krma and Kot valleys, flows through it. From the valley, the Radovna continues its flow into the Vintgar Gorge, a deep and picturesque canyon, and finally, joins the Sava Dolinka near Moste. Extensive pastures in the valley are used for cattle. There are also a number of private holiday homes scattered throughout the valley.