Alpe Adria Cycle path

The Alpe Adria Cycle Path, is a cross-border long-distance cycle route linking Salzburg, on the northern side of the Alps, to Grado, an historical town on the Adriatic coast.

Alpe Adria Cycle Path is already known as one of the most spectacular tracks European cycle. In fact it is a path that offers plenty of surprises at cyclists: you'll cross pleasant cities, medieval towns and charming villages; you'll pedal along wooded rivers and sparkling streams that sometimes disappear in wild ravines. After a pleasant trip along scenic alpine valleys, wooded and dominated by high mountains, you'll ride down to the fertile plain of Friuli that will lead up to the sunny beaches of the Adriatic Sea.The Alpe Adria Cycle Path, was proclaimed the Cycle Route of the Year 2015 at the fair of active tourism Amsterdam (Fiets en Wandelbeurs), confirming the beauty of this journey from Austria to Italy.